The best outfits of our beauties that were TOP this week? The well-known farmer took her breath away, Vanda Janda turned out to be a pink Barbie

Pink Barbie, elegant Femme Fatale or sexy beauty in a swimsuit? The summer weather even at the end of July brought some successful outfits. However, all the wonders were overshadowed by a well-known Slovak blogger in orange!

Alexandra Sedláčková

Czech blogger Alexandra Sedláčková just knows it. Simple basic pieces look great on her and she can wear them as if they were fancy catwalk gowns.

Blonde A few days ago, she impressed us with a very pleasant summer outfit, which consisted of a white dress. The icing on the cake in this case was a Prada handbag.

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Alexandra SedláčkováSource: Instagram


Elegant and also sexy? Slovak influencer JankaTopanka has no problem with that. She also uses her styling skills in her wardrobe, in which we would find pieces from all styles.

The native of Michalovice usually shows herself in formal outfits, but with this styling she literally took our breath away with her choice of dresses in which she looked like a Femme Fatale. Janka left nothing to chance and completed the whole look with an elegant visage.

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JankaTopanka Source: Instagram


Influencer Lula Almaksus is still one of the most famous contestants from the show Farma . Lula succeeds, apparently, also because she knows how to use her female weapons very well. The brunette likes to show off especially in black or white, but it certainly doesn’t hurt if she sometimes deviates.

During the hot days, Lucia took our breath away with a striking pink ensemble, which she wore over a white swimsuit. An outfit ideal for any beach and with a bit of courage, even into the city. Lula completed the whole look with a Louis Vuitton shopper bag and Prada glasses.

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Source: Instagram


Some colors are in every true diva’s wardrobe, but others are in the category that most women avoid. Especially in the case of the orange color, it is a great pity. But blogger SweetLadyLollipop knows exactly how to wear this color.

Ivanka literally took our breath away with her summer outfit from the streets of Croatia. Big flared pants in orange, a white top and the perfect hat made this outfit the best we could see on the streets this week.

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SweetLadyLollipop Source: Instagram

Vanda Janda

If pink, then really. Vanda Janda knows exactly how to combine all pink, fluffy, glittery and girly pieces. It could also teach all women how to wear such seemingly crazy combinations.

The Slovak fashion designer went for a stroll through Prague in a striking dress, which she complemented with an equally luscious handbag matched with sandals. On anyone others might find this outfit cheesy, but Vanda looks great in this too!

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Vanda Janda Source: Instagram

Monika Prikkelová

The orange color also worked in the case of this well-known Slovenian woman. Dancer Monika Prikkelová reached for a beautiful maxi dress, which are a pleasant change to her sports outfits.

Monika looks great in colors, even if she combines them with each other. However, she stayed true to her nature when choosing shoes, it’s really not about pumps!

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Monika Prikkelová Source: Instagram

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