Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber : children coming soon ?

A few days ago Hailey Bieber gave an interview to the magazine “Harper’s Bazaar” in which she expressed many things about her relationship with Justin Bieber. What clues did she give about their relationship? About having children soon? Let’s take a look at the question together.

The Bieber family: difficulties, a lot of work and a vision of the future

The couple Justin / Hailey has always been very clear about their relationship from the beginning. The marriage was not a secret and they were united first civilly and then in a beautiful ceremony a year later.

Recently, the two lovers had to overcome difficulties that, when it comes to health, leaves everyone equal in the face of adversity, rich or poor, unknown or famous. It started on March 12 with Hailey experiencing symptoms similar to a cardiovascular accident (or stroke) that could portend the worst. The consequences of a stroke can be mild, such as loss of feeling in an arm or leg, or more severe, such as paralysis or death. People who survive a stroke may face long-term motor, cognitive and/or emotional difficulties. Fortunately for Hailey Bieber, it appears that this incident was not a stroke and was not serious at all. Thankfully!

A month later, the entire international community was concerned about Justin Bieber. The latter indicated on a post suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome which is a viral affection affecting the nerves of the ear and causing facial paralysis! Fortunately Justin also seems to be well recovered from his health problems.

In her interview, Hailey said that marriage is “for better or for worse” and that these things, when they happen, don’t prevent them and we have no choice but to adapt and face them. It is certain that these consecutive health problems have brought the couple closer together.

At the end of the interview, she describes Justin as her best friend to whom she is eager to return but that maintaining the relationship takes a lot of work, especially for two celebrities like them who are extremely busy throughout their days and weeks. Realistically, Hailey confides that when children are added to the picture, it will be a whole new season.

Soon children for Justin Bieber’s couple?

If we trace Justin’s interviews, the star singer has always said he wants children. In 2019, during a Disney World getaway, Justin wrote on an instagram post “Love dates with you baby.. one day I’ll be doing daddy-daughter dates….. not hinting at anything soon I’m not in a rush. I just wanna enjoy you by yourself for a while! #Disneyworld” expressing his wish to become a father of a little girl!

In 2020, during an interview, the one who recently supported Tom Holland in his decision to stop social networks, declared about children being ready to have some “as many as Hailey is wishing to push out,” it is little to say! He went in the same direction by adding “I’d love to have myself a little tribe” but recognized that Hailey’s body belonged to her and that it would be up to her to decide. He also added that he didn’t think she was ready because she still had things to accomplish as a woman before becoming a mother.

Affirmation taken up by Hailey herself during an interview with the Wall Street Journal in 2022 in which she admitted that she wanted to focus on her career as a supermodel (she works for Ralph Lauren, Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger, Moschino …) for the moment.

However, things could happen faster than expected since at the end of 2021, Justin Bieber had teased Hailey saying that “hopefully we squish out a nugget,”. Hailey had then asked him the question “in 2021?”
To which Justin teasingly replied “The end of 2021? We start trying?” and Hailey implied that it was “up to you” by answering Justin.

Since then, paparazzi from all over the world have been scrutinizing Hailey’s belly for any change!

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