Outfit of the day: Dua Lipa as a sexy schoolgirl with an unusual handbag

Today, singer Dua Lipa will inspire you with her outfit.

The famous Dua Lipa always surprises with her outfits. She has a perfect body, on which almost everything stands out. Her fashion creations are always imaginative and cool. This time she opted for a girly look and looked like a sexy student in a crop top and mini skirt. On her feet she wore black moccasins, into which she put white socks. However, what really made her fit was a luxurious handbag in the shape of a dog, which costs more than 2 573 euro. How about this outfit of the day?


Outfit of the day: Dua Lipa Source: Profimedia

Shirt – H&M, skirt – H&M, handbag – Thom Browne, shoes – Suprisimo

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Dua Lipa Source: Profimedia

today : |Source: Diva.sk|Photo: Profimedia

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