The best outfits of our beauties that were TOP this week? Andrea as a sexy zebra, Gabriela in a men's tuxedo!

Exposed cleavage, bare back, or legs? Temperatures hit record numbers again this week, forcing many beauties to shed layers of clothing. Andrea Verešová opted for a sporty outfit, the beautiful Karolína Chomisteková stayed true to black.

Tatiana Žideková

The well-known Slovak fitness star Tatiana Žideková is a great lover of summer. If you follow her on Instagram, it is certainly clear to you that she does not stay in one city for more than a few days.

During her vacation, she reached for a simple but effective dress in blue, which looked great in contrast with her tanned skin! Tána completed the outfit with minimalist jewelry and a set in the form of a Chanel handbag and espadrilles, which are perfect for summer.

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Tatiana Žideková Source: Instagram

Veronika Vágnerová

Less is sometimes more. And in this case it applied to %. Veronika Vágnerová reached for elegant black cocktail dresses that should not be missing in any woman’s wardrobe. If we add the charisma and sex appeal of the Slovak model, we get the result in the form of a Femme Fatale.

Veronika added elegant sandals to the dress of her own brand and she didn’t forget the sensual red lipstick, which was the icing on the cake of this outfit.

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Veronika Vágnerová Source: Instagram

Andrea Verešová

The former Miss Slovakia has traveled almost the whole world. During the pandemic, she even lived with her family in Dubai for several months. But now, together with the family, they decided to visit the beauties of the Czech Republic.

One of the stops was Český Krumlov, where Andrea Verešová was definitely not to be missed. The brunette wore a set with a zebra print, in which her great figure stood out. She completed the outfit with a Louis Vuitton belt, stylish sneakers and a white cap. Looking at Andrea, would you say that she is a mother of two? We at all!

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Andrea Verešová Source: Instagram


Can’t you imagine summer without colors? Not even Slovak blogger Stylemon, who is known for not wearing black at all. Conjuring up an outfit in these hot days in which you won’t feel like a sardine in oil is quite difficult, but Lenka managed it perfectly.

The blogger combined pink shorts, which look like a skirt thanks to their refined cut. She added a turquoise top and a yellow necklace. If you think that such a combination of colors is too much, then in the summer you can afford to go beyond your comfort zone.

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Blogger Lenka Madlenová Source: Instagram

Gabriela Gašpárová

Who said that a woman can only be sexy in a dress or bikini? The charismatic finalist of the first series of Love Island left us all breathless in an outfit that we probably wouldn’t expect in her wardrobe.

Gabriela Gašpárová she doesn’t have to be ashamed of her figure at all and likes to wear pieces of clothing that cover only the bare essentials. However, during a recent photo shoot, she dressed in a men’s tuxedo, in which she looked great even without a neckline.

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Gabriela Gašpárová Source: Instagram


Favorite Slovak influencer and stylist FashionSpy opted for an elegant white dress, which is an ideal choice for summer. Most women would perhaps add pumps to a similar piece, which would be a safe bet.

However, Mirka reached for sandals on a high platform. They are the current hit of the season and should not be missing from any fashionista’s shoebox. The whole outfit was completed by trendy sunglasses and a Tory Burch handbag.

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Blogger Mirka Dobišová Source: Instagram

Karolína Chomisteková

We met the beautiful Karolína Chomisteková during the past week at a drink in the stylish Kinley bus, where our editors were also able to taste the summer recipes of drinks with Kinley Tonic Zero.

Charismatic Chomistekova opted for a summer black dress that attracted attention with its refined cleavage. For some, such a dress may seem vulgar, but it looked great on a successful model!

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Karolína Chomisteková at the Kinley event in Bratislava Source: Dusan Marko

Janka Slačková

If you want to make your time easier during the summer ý in front of the mirror, so get some overalls or a set in your wardrobe, thanks to which you won’t have to deal with what goes with what.

During her trip to Budapest, nice Janka Slačková wore a set with a distinctive print from H&M, to which she only added a minimalistic white handbag, summer sandals and glasses.

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Janka Slačková Source: Instagram

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