No Limit on Netflix: an explosive movie

This new movie on the netflix platform has not finished making the news. Many dramas have tried to portray destructive passions, but few have managed to do so with as much force and intensity as No Limit.


An unfiltered dive into a toxic relationship

Far from being a simple relationship between Pascal and Roxana, No Limit explores with great intelligence the complex and ambiguous relations of our intimate relationships.

Pascal is a legendary freediver and world champion who becomes Roxana’s teacher. They each have a painful past and will begin a passionate and fusional relationship that will gradually lead them to destruction.

In short, everyone could recognize themselves in this film to a lesser degree, with all that couples’ relationships generate: passion, jealousy, revenge. Roxana quickly becomes very talented and if the successes she achieves bring joy to her trainer at the beginning, a complex relationship will be built as soon as Pascal will see his own record dethroned by Roxana.

Sex is very present in this Netflix movie and also questions us on our relationship. Why cheat on his partner and when do we make the right or wrong choices. And haven’t these choices already been made long before, making the present moment inescapable.

roxana no limit netflix 2022

No Limit: beautiful images that go beyond the drama, since it is based on a true story

It is indeed one of the undeniable assets of this film, it is drawn from a true story. This scenario where the protagonists run by themselves towards their own destruction, without being able to turn away from it, while being deeply attached to continue on this way is unfortunately very real.

And the magnificent images that make up David Rosenthal’s film perfectly illustrate this dramatic descent. The director of photography Thomas Hardmeier succeeds here with extraordinary marine and underwater landscapes that make this film an excellent and pleasant discovery.

Beware, this is a romantic drama. Those who are looking for a feel good movie just have to hang on or look for another movie to watch.

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