Margaux de Fouchier: instagram French-style influencer

She is French and American and seems to have already lived a multitude of lives at the age of 30. She loves fashion, wears clothes from great designers and has an instagram account followed by almost 50 000 followers. Her name is Margaux de Fouchier, she quotes Albert Camus and embodies, for us, the French Parisian elegance. Zoom on this multi-talented influencer.

Margaux de Fouchier: father, mother, parents, family …

Not much is known about her and her presentations in blogs or media like Vogue are rather homogeneous. We will know that she is Franco-American and that her father, who was an architect, instilled in her a taste for beauty. As we read on, we discover that her mother left her a Balenciaga jacket that she loves very much and that she has a sister. She has a name with a particle and could have a lineage from the french aristocracy. This would not surprise us at all, given the respect she inspires with her beauty and chic.

The creation in the veins: Margaux de Fouchier the artist

Photography could be the first string to her bow. After having studied in this field, it is quite normal to expect to discover beautiful creations. On his website you can find portraits and self portraits. Some of them are quite sublime and intriguing like these shadows of herself which show an exquisite creativity. Margaux de Fouchier also photographs her travels (something we all do with more or less talent) and also windows or beds to capture the fleeting impression of a crumpled sheet or the voluptuousness of a comfortable room…

margaux de fouchier bed

But that’s not all, we discover collaborations with great magazines: Elle, Le Figaro madame, Maison Matisse… and many brands, authors or artists. She also sings because singing has been her passion since she was a child. She even published an album with Universal and another one on her own. She recently released one, a few months ago: Disconova, a cover of Disco titles with a Bossa Nova sauce. Exquisite voice, summer that never ends, swaying and impression to know already all the titles… we love it 😍
It’s actually on this occasion that she quotes Albert Camus: “Créer, c’est vivre deux fois” (*To create is to live twice).

margaux de fouchier poetry

Why do we love her ?

How to say… or how to explain? Although she doesn’t reach the hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, Margaux de Fouchier is sublimely beautiful and the shots on her instagram account are of an elegance that would make sisters Mathilde and Pauline Tantot, although with their perfect bodies, look basically vulgar.
For that is the charm of Margaux de Fouchier: a timeless impression of French beauty as we all imagine it.

It emanates from her a joy, a happiness of living and a culture which forces the admiration. And when she promotes a product, it is next to a book by Rupi Kaur. Her posts, photos and her universe are all imbued with a so French poetry that makes you want to discover her again and again.

So for those who would have, like us, this desire, do not hesitate a second and dive into her instagram account:

All pictures on this post are from Margaux de Fouchier instagram account.

french elegance by Margaux de Fouchier

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