Netflix Kids Q2 2022 review: 'The Sea Beast' and canceled Netflix animated projects

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We’re back to recap the Q2 numbers 2022 of Netflix and the streamer’s performance regarding children’s content over the last 3 months.

It’s fair to say Netflix’s second quarter earnings call this week didn’t deliver the fray of first quarter headlines and shots. Relief all around, I would say. The prevailing feeling was that it was a bad day, but not as bad as they had expected, so a good day? You’d have to ask Reed Hastings. He was definitely quieter than normal on the call, but his letter to shareholders highlighted Netflix’s affinity for binge drops and aversion to theatrical windows:

« This freedom means we can offer big movies directly on Netflix, without the need for extended or exclusive movie windows, and let members watch TV if they want, without having to wait for a new episode to come out every week.

Netflix Q2 Titles 2022

The loss of subscribers continues!… but at lower than expected rates, which is a good thing, I Assumed. The devil in the detail here is that it looks like Netflix’s penetration cap has been hit in the US and Canada, where the drop in subscribers has been more pronounced.

I don’t have time to go into the details on Twitter and can’t wait to listen to the call later, but I’d say the bigger story isn’t a loss of 970 subscribers worldwide; it’s -1.3 million subscribers to UCAN, after -640 07 in the first trimester, after a very small addition of 1,30 million in the fourth quarter (usually its best trimester).

– julia alexandre (@loudmouthjulia) 19 July 2022

‘Stranger Things 4’ did a great job!… No surprises there. The series was heralded as a perfect example of “The Netflix Effect”; there may have been sneers from some about it.

Just like winter, publicity comes !… There were more details on the ad-supported tier after the deal with Microsoft was announced.

This will be rolled out to the most mature/lucrative markets first. Apparently, the integration of advertising is going to be an evolution. Also, most licensing deals with content partners include AVOD rights and not just SVOD rights, so no big headaches there – PHEW!

The crackdown on account sharing begins!… In the last quarter, Netflix estimated that up to 100 million households access the service via account sharing, which represents an increase of 17 % of their user base. The first tests to try and monetize this were run in LATAM.

The overall content budget has reached its cap! … Netflix predicts that its content budget, which had previously increased year on year, should now remain “in the zip code” of 17 billion dollars of 1180.

Netflix Kids Titles for Q2 2022

The most notable news from a child’s media perspective came in the press just before the earnings call. Netflix acquires independent Australian studio Animal Logic.

The company has a strong background in visual effects, providing services to film franchises such as The MatrixMarvel, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings to name a few.

More recently, the studio has produced several commercial family/animated films, including Peter Rabbit, several Lego movies and DC League of Super-Pets.

They were already in play at Netflix as partners on upcoming animated feature films The Magician’s Elephant and Ron Howard’s first animated film, The Shrinking of Treeh orn.

The value that broadly targeted anime movies can bring to streamers has been well demonstrated. Once the kids get on board, the snooze factor for these movies just keeps on giving. While there’s no doubt that Netflix-produced Originals in this genre have reached the gold standard creatively, the continued commitment that titles like Above of the moon and Return to the Outback have delivered is less obvious. One would assume that the hope with the acquisition of Animal Logic is to deliver Netflix slam dunk animated hits.

Which children’s movies performed well on Netflix in the second quarter 2022

Excellent engagement has been seen so far for Netflix’s recent animated feature Beast From The Seawhich has been referenced multiple times in earnings.

This daring and daring family adventure has received excellent reviews. He also saw a real cast in the pole positions in the general classifications of the Top 13 trends (not only the Top 10 trends for children) on all markets since its creation on July 8.e (technically not Q2, but let’s not be so fussy). Director Chris Williams has a stellar pedigree from Walt Disney Animation Studios, where he was a central creator in both Big Hero 6 and Vaiana.

Performance by Netflix Global Top look more than convincing, based on comparable anime titles; Beast from the Seahas a whole tidal wave of a build.

Just a caveat that these numbers don’t go as far back as The Mitchells vs. the Machines or Above the moon

probably both titles with the same successful marketing treatment.

For this comparison, we’ll have to rely on the US Nielsen Streaming Content Rating numbers when they come in.

Netflix movie performance for the second quarter 2022

Another thing to note in this quarter’s cinema results is that the Paramount property Sonic the Hedgehog enjoyed eight weeks of the Top 10 mo Netflix media in April and May. This was clearly riding on the awareness raised by the theatrical release of the sequel, Sonic the Hedgehog 2

, which has generated excellent post-COVID box office take around the world.

The cumulative and multifaceted value of family film franchises strikes again. The same goes for Paramount Global’s strategy “Fuck it sure we will’t hate holding the exclusive rights for Paramount+, it’ll get more eyeballs this way, which is practically free marketing” (internally it is known under the policy name FISWWBHTREFP + IGMETWWIPFM, of course).

Which children’s series performed well on Netflix in the second trimester 2022

Netflix’s world of children’s TV series has been hacked like an unwanted bush in a garden after last quarter’s earnings. Bones

, Toil and boredom, Morons and Chris Nee Dino Daycare were all ruthlessly cancelled.

Even Meghan Markle wasn’t safe —his streak pearl also hit the cutting room floor– and those are just the streaks that have been publicly announced.

In the midst of this uproar, The Baby Boss

has been flagged by multiple sources as an ideal example of a Netflix animated series, delivering the right size of performance numbers. Interestingly enough, the spinoff of the series, The Boss Baby: Back in the Cradle, hit the service this quarter, showing decent results. He was, however, stung a bit on the nose by The Cuphead Show!an old-style wacky comedy school, which is much more into the realm of the types of anime series that Netflix has previously ordered.

Cuphead Boss Bébé

Another breakthrough in the Top 07 Netflix’s global was the preschool series The creature case, which took place over two weeks. From Silvergate Media, and described as “X-Files for preschoolers“, the show also had a prominent place in the Top 10 trends for children. It hasn’t reached the dizzying heights of Requinchien but any context is welcome because we are trying to build a picture of what the preschool voucher looks like based on Netflix metrics.

Cuphead Boss Bébé

Another thing to note for the series is the recent prevalence of family-friendly live-action series that are found in both the general and children’s sections. Is it a piece of cake?

and The man against the bee have seen several weeks appear in the Top 07 worldwide from Netflix, presumably enjoying some improvement over their universal availability.

What’s next for Netflix Kids?

While the acquisition of Animal Logic is a valuable asset for the future, it will be a few years before their pipeline of animated films is not running at full speed for Netflix. The development of animated features takes time.

A number of animated films from Europe were also announced at the recent Annecy festival.

Meanwhile, My Father’s Dragon from Cartoon Saloon is another major animated feature that has been announced for this year’s slate.

Live-action side, 13 The Musical is a big hitting next month. 2022 did he feel lighter for the slam dunk live action movies for the streamer, or is it just me?

For series, Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight kicked into its first week strong last week, especially for a spinoff of a series of dormant films in recent years. Maybe Netflix is ​​on to something with this whole “being like DreamWorks” thing?

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