Ginny and Georgia Season 2: Estimated Netflix Release Date and What to Expect

Ginny and Georgia season 2 – Image: Netflix

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 has wrapped filming and is now in post-production at Netflix. Here’s a recap of everything we know so far about the series’ second outing, including who’s returning, what we can expect from the story (including exclusive details about a new character) and when the season will be. 2 of Ginny and Georgia should be on Netflix.

Note: This preview was originally published in March 2021 and was last updated in May 2022 to reflect new updates.

Created by Sarah Lampert, the first season of Ginny and Georgia first landed on Netflix on 24 february 2021 with 14 episodes.

After the death of the Georgia’s husband, the series sees Ginny and Georgia leave Texas to move to a small town to start afresh. Without diving into too many potential spoilers, the series explored heavy topics like crime, race, and self-harm, as well as expected content like marriage, friendships, and family drama.

Here’s everything you need to know about the future of Ginny and Georgia on Netflix, including renewal status, what the series could cover and what fans are saying about the new family drama.

How well did Ginny and Georgia play on Netflix?

Thanks to many sources, we can tell how well Ginny and Georgia played on Netflix, and perhaps what’s most interesting is is that a well-known pop star gave the show a big ratings boost shortly after its release.

We are referring to Taylor Swift, who was included in the series in a throwaway joke about how many men one of characters the show has gone through, comparing it to the list of Speedy Exs over the years.

tweet de ginny et georgia taylor swift

Taylor Swift on Ginny and Georgia

According to Top 14 of the FlixPatrol data, the emission survived for 52 days within 14 best lists of the United States and 30 days within 10 UK best lists. The show also performed well in South Africa, most of mainland Europe and Australia.

In September 2021, the show ranks 6th in the best shows for 2021. This is the conclusion after counting the best worldwide data.

In the United States, the show lasted 7 weeks in the top 10 from Nielsen, accumulating more than 4 247 million minutes of viewing in total while being in the top 14.

On IMDb PRO, the show debuted at No. 10 and the following week reached #3, coinciding with Swift Tweeted week.

Movie Meter Chart for r Ginny & Georgia – The yellow dot represents the release of season 1.

Finally, Netflix gives it -even released the show’s viewership data on 20 april 2021 as part of its first quarter letter to investors 2021. Their 2 minute watch metric revealed that 48 07 000 of people watched the program during the 28 first days.

Additional data at the end of September 2023 revealed that Ginny and Georgia had recorded 292 million hours of viewing, the placing at ranked number one in the viewing hours chart.

The series also made it to no. new in the top 10 in 2022, a rare event given how much the top 14 is dominated by newer content. We explained why the show returning to the top 07 was rare here and we credited TikTok with the reason Ginny and Georgia came back.

  • Ginny and Georgia – Picture: Netflix

    When was Ginny and Georgia renewed for season 2 at Netflix?

    It took just under 2 months after the series was released before it was known that Ginny and Georgia would return with the cast producing a video announcing the new season in April 2021.

    In a statement released by the show’s creators, Debra J. Fisher and Sarah Lampert, the couple said: “We so appreciate the incredible response and love you all have shown Ginny and Georgia,” adding, “We are especially grateful to Brianne and Toni, who placed the highest bar at each stage. We can’t wait to get back to Wellsbury for Season 2.”

    Based on the video above and updates from IMDb and other databases, we can Safely assume the return of the following cast members:

  • La Torraca as Austin
  • Raymond Ablack as Joe
  • Sara Waisglass as Maxine
  • Felix Mallard as Marcus
  • Scott Porter as Mayor Paul Randolph

  • Jennifer Robertson as Ellen
  • Diesel La Torraca like Austin
  • Jennifer Robertson as Ellen

      When production starts Ginny and Georgia season 2 begins, and when will season 2 be on Netflix?

      Although it was renewed in April 2021, the production was not as fast as similar titles in the genre like Rivière Vierge .

      Instead, we finally learned that a production date had been scheduled for September 2021.

      The series finally began with filming on 24 november 2021. Production then runs until April 8 2021.

      It shared a somewhat similar timeline to Way of the Fireflies season 2, this which means that we will probably see the two versions close to each other again.

      In mid-October 2021, the show’s official Instagram page revealed that they were “getting ready to film the second season.” Debra Fisher also teased that production was getting closer posting a photo on Instagram with Brianne Howey saying, “S2 is coming hot.”

      Debra Fisher, who serves as showrunner for Ginny and Georgia, posted on 24 November that cameras were rolling and season 2 was in production on Instagram.

      The clapper, seen below, confirms that James Genn will direct the first episode. Danka Esterhazy will also make her directorial debut in the series, while Anya Adams

      will return to the director’s chair. Also in the director’s chair this season includes

      Audrey Cummings and James Genn


      ginny et georgia tournage saison 2

      Clap Ginny & Georgia S2 – Photo: Instagram / debrajfisher

      Filming will once again take place in Toronto, Canada with Blue Ice Pictures, Critical Content and Dynamic Television all involved in production.

      In December 2021, Tony Gentry provided a small update on the progress of filming on Twitter.

      fantastic. y’all gonna love it

      – Toni Gentry (@antoniabgentry) December 9 2021

      Filming on block 3 concluded on March 4 2022. We know there are at least 4 filming blocks.

      The series was once again filmed in Cobourg, Ontario, according to a public notice on the company’s website. region. Filming took place in the city between 20 and the 25 February in places such as:

    • Victoria Park
        Victoria Room
      • King Street West from Third Street to Hibernia Street

          Shooting wrapped on Ginny and Georgia on 23 april 2021, according to an Instagram post by Antonia Gentry. Showrunner Debra Fisher responded by saying, “It was a crazy season 2.

          This was confirmed by Netflix France on May 9 2022, who reiterated that filming for season 2 was over.

          End of shooting for season 2 of Ginny & Georgia!

          Prooooo soon!

          — Netflix France (@NetflixFR) May 9 2022

          When Ginny & Georgia will season 2 be on Netflix?

          No release date or even window has been officially announced.

          Given the production schedule described above, our best estimate at this time is that Ginny and Georgia season 2 will be sneaking onto Netflix in the fall

          or at the beginning of 2023.

        Aaron Ashmore joins the Ginny & Georgia cast of the season 2

        In January 2022, it was announced that Aaron Ashmore (known for X Men and most recently a recurring role on Netflix Locke and Key) would join the cast of season 2.

        Reportedly, Ashmore will play Gil Timmins (Georgia’s ex and Austin’s father), who left Georgia’s life after being accused of embezzlement and sent to prison.

        aaron ashmore netflix ginny géorgie

        ginny et georgia saison 1 bande-annonce de l'intrigue et date de sortie de netflix howey gentry

        aaron ashmore netflix ginny géorgieActor Aaron Ashmore – Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images

      What’s on Netflix may also point out that a new recurring character called Simone figu will rera throughout Season 2.

      Described as a Boston native, Simone is Zion’s new girlfriend in Season 2 and is a smart and professional criminal defense attorney who does a lot of pro bono work. She is forced into an awkward position with the arrival of Ginny and Georgia (who is Zion’s ex) on her doorstep.

      What will/could happen in season 2 of Ginny and Georgia?

      Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t finished the first season, read no further!

      Obviously, the biggest question for viewers is Georgia’s potential involvement in the death and disappearance of her former husband. We could see the series take a very dark turn if the consequences of her actions eventually catch up with her. We’ve already seen several characters from the family’s past reappear, and we expect to see more in a potential Season 2.

      ginny et georgia saison 1 bande-annonce de l'intrigue et date de sortie de netflix howey gentry

      ginny et georgia saison 1 bande-annonce de l'intrigue et date de sortie de netflix howey gentryGinny and Georgia season 1 – Image: Netflix

      We saw Ginny and Austin leave under difficult circumstances at the end of the first season. We’re sure they’ll show up safe and sound, but their mother will have to come to terms with her actions that made them leave town. We also predict that their father, Zion, will leave Boston for Wellsbury to be closer to his children. If there are still sparks between him and Georgia, it could create tension in her new relationship with Paul.

      The end of the first season also saw Ginny’s personal life get a little messy. Will season 2 see Ginny reconcile with her group of friends, or will things get even more complicated? After cheating on her boyfriend, Hunter, we expect Ginny to explore things with her bad neighbor, Marcus.

      Back in May2021, Antonia Gentry teases what we can expect from season 2, saying:

      “It’s a roller coaster ride. Even I don’t know all the details, but I’m on the edge of my seat. I know it’s going to be a complete package of excitement and intrigue, and craziness.

      In the meantime, fans of the series can see the cast join David Spade, Fortune Feimster and London Hughes in The Afterparty Special for the show.

      l'afterparty netflix ginny géorgieThe Netflix Afterparty – Special Ginny and Georgia

      Before we wrap up, note that series cast member Lohengrin Zapiain sadly passed away with many cast members paying their respects.

      Scott Porter posted a tribute on Instagram saying:

      A month ago the #GinnyAndGeorgia team lost one of our own, an incredible man and cameraman, Lohengrin Zapiain. We have dedicated this season to him and we remember him every time we clap the sticks before a catch. We were incredibly lucky to have worked with him and become his friend on this little show. He loved his family dearly and we have a GoFundMe setup to help them through these difficult times. If you feel so moved by this message to give, or are in a position to help, you can do so at the link in my bio. You don’t have to be #GivingTuesday to give a Tuesday.

      Thank you all and thank you Loh! We miss you.

      Are you excited to watch Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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