Is it good for your hair to wear hats in the summer? What does the hairdresser say

Summer is here, and with it the heat, and the combination of the sun, high temperatures, pool water and the sea can be a real disaster for hair. You should adapt not only your hairstyle, but also your headgear or diet to the holiday season.

In the summer, the hair is stressed much more than during other seasons. For dyed hair, the sun means, for example, fading.

The temperature and dryness of the air do not add to it either. We also get used to sweating, which means salt in the hair and on the skin. Even before the summer season, prepare cosmetics that are specially designed to protect hair. This adds moisture to the hair and protects it from the sun. The choice of hair cosmetics should be consulted with the hairdresser, so that the hair gets what it needs,” said colorist and owner of the salon Pekné vlasky Mária Pavlíková.

New friend hat

It is important for hair during hot days not only to protect it, but mainly scalp and thus prevent burns.

“Burnt scalp is a very bad thing. Wearing hats and caps is a great solution, but it is certainly important to ventilate the skin so that sweat does not accumulate there. Ideally, headgear should be breathable,” says the hair expert. Before tanning, you should not forget to apply sunscreen up to the contours of the scalp, or even on the path.

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Hairstyle change

If you are one of the women who exclusively wears high ponytails and buns on the beach or swimming pool, pay attention.

“In the summer, hair is stressed by the sun, sweat, chlorine, disinfectants from swimming pools and salt from sea water. Even when women have their hair up in a bun, their hair absorbs this stuff from the humidity. When we swim, our head is just above the surface, so everything gets into our hair and skin. After visiting the swimming pool or the sea, we should definitely wash our head (at least rinse with water) and use conditioner. Of course, dry your hair,” advises the hairdresser.

Watch out for wet hair

Do not wet your hair unnecessarily at the swimming pool or in the sea, because you will ruin it .

“Ladies should avoid soaking their hair in water. If it is unavoidable, it would be ideal if they braid their hair before entering the water. The worst thing is to leave them dissolved in the water because they get tangled. Even if you swim with a braid, as soon as you lie down on the blanket, you should loosen your hair and let it air out so that it dries and the scalp does not get steamed,” recommends the expert.

Neglect of care can cost you dearly. “Wet hair has a half-open top layer of the hair cuticle, and water vapor can get under it. Not to mention that parted hair gets tangled and disaster ensues. Wet hair is fragile hair,” added Pavlíková.

Even food affects the hair

During the summer vacation, many of us look forward to various local specialties. Ladies should be especially careful about the amount of seafood they eat, because it also affects our hair.

“Shrimps contain substances that deposit a dye in the hair and skin that is extremely difficult to discolor. The same applies to beta-carotene, which women they use to increase the tan of their skin,” pointed out the colorist.

After the season hair wellness

Think about your crown of beauty even after the season ends and treat your mane to a proper healing treatment in the fall.

“During the summer season, a lot is stored in the hair. For example, with blondes, it is possible that their hair turns green easily, these are harmful deposits and their oxidation in the hair. Before the procedure in the salon, we always clean the hair with special products that remove these deposits from the hair. This is a special treatment that the client cannot do herself at home,” explained the hairstylist.

After cleaning the hair, it is necessary to give it deep regeneration based on the elasticity test. In this way, the hairdresser will find out whether the hair needs hydration, proteins or both. hair. For example, when bleaching your hair, chlorine bleach can create an extremely fast reaction and burn your hair within seconds. But it also prevents bad results during dyeing, because the reaction with deposits can create an unwanted effect, even a completely different color,” interestingly added the colorist and owner of the salon Pekné vlásky Mária Pavlíková at the end.


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