Aya Nakamura: French singer in custody

The 27-year-old successful French singer and her 34-year-old companion were both taken into custody for domestic violence. Explanations.

The couple Aya Nakamura / Vladimir Boudnikoff in custody after an argument

The facts would go up on Saturday, August 6 but the affair is gone out in the French press only in this middle of week. The famous singer Aya Nakamura and her husband, who is also a producer, Vladimir Boudnikoff were placed in custody for a domestic dispute.

According to the first elements of the investigation revealed by the French newspapers, the violence would have been reciprocal what explains that the two protagonists were placed in custody jointly the time to clarify the course of the facts and the responsibilities of each one.

The report did not come from a third party (neighborhood or denunciation) but from the couple themselves who called the police. A priori there would not have been either exchanged blows but rather degradations on material or objects which would have led to light injuries at Aya Nakamura as well as at Vladimir Boudnikoff.

The couple came out free from their hearing by the police with a summons to appear before the court of Bobigny for the month of November 2022.

Aya Nakamura, the wild french beauty in custody

Who is Aya Nakamura?

Aya Nakamura is a French singer, little known in the United States but relatively popular in France. Her real name is Aya Daniako. Born in Bamako, Mali, she came to France with her parents at a very young age. As a teenager, her idol is Lauryn Hill, and she quickly tries her luck on social networks at the age of 19 by posting her songs.

A first track released on YouTube in 2015 made her known and she followed up in 2016 with the production of a second single in collaboration with French rapper Gradur. It is said that a collaboration with Booba could have been possible but never happened. Her first album was released to great success in 2017. And the consecration will arrive in 2018 with her second album whose single Djadja becomes a hit of the summer. She will obtain the platinum disc and will be named French-speaking Revelation at the NRJ Music Awards of the same year. In 2020, still at the NRJ Music Awards, she won the award for French-speaking female artist of the year.

Aya Nakamura aka Aya Daniako

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