Summer House Season 7: Who Is and Isn’t Coming Back?

Summer is finally here, so let’s make the most of it! Season 7 of Summer House will feature the usual high-octane entertainment provided by the show’s talented ensemble.

On May 15, 2022, Bravo was renewed for its seventh season after an exciting run. Fans were heartbroken when it was announced that three male performers would not be returning a month after the show’s premiere.

Luke Gulbranson, Andrea Denver, and Alex Wach all left the show before filming began, according to a source close to the production, who spoke to Us Weekly on June 29.

There was a season 6 cast that included Lindsay Hubbard and Paige DeSorbo as well as Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke in addition to Lindsay Hubbard and Paige DeSorbo as well Ciara Miller and Mya Allen. Alumnus Luke, who appeared in all four seasons, will not be returning to the Hamptons, but he will appear in season 2, which will air in the fall of 2022.

Earlier this month, he stated on social media that he will not be appearing on Summer House this year. To be honest, I am heartbroken to be unable to spend the summer with them, but I know they will enjoy themselves and we will stay in touch. ”

When asked why he wasn’t returning to the show, Luke was vague. “I can’t answer the why,” he said to his Instagram followers.

Even with the three fewer houseguests, viewers should expect tension and drama when Danielle and Ciara return. When the girls got into a skirmish during Andrea’s Italian dinner last season, it caused quite a fuss.

To conclude the evening, Ciara threw a wine glass full of red liquid at Danielle, injuring her in the chest. The wrath was what knocked me out, not the drink,” Danielle admitted exclusively to Us in December 2021. Psychopathic: “It was just out of control.” The first time this happened to me, I thought we were good and then you started throwing wine at me. What I saw was red.

On the show’s reunion special in May of 2022, Danielle suggested that she and Ciara were not on good terms coming into the summer.

That summer, she told E! News: “I genuinely don’t know where we are,” stating that she had questions about whether or not to remain on the series after its recent drama. To be honest, after last season, I just didn’t want to do it anymore. In other words: “I have no idea what I’m going to do now.”

As the entrepreneur explains, “It’s coming to the point where I’m getting mature enough to recognize whom and whom I don’t want to place myself around in certain scenarios.” It was also a dreadful summer, she added.

According to what we know so far regarding the seventh season of Summer House, it’s listed here in chronological order:

Who’s Getting Ready to Leave?

In June of 2022, it was revealed that Luke, Andrea, and Alex would no longer be appearing on the show. After some time had passed, Luke talked about his departure via a broadcast on Instagram Live. During the broadcast, he stated, “I’m incredibly thankful for the previous three years of being on the show. I’m going to really, really miss hanging out with my good friends.

Do You Know Who’s Coming Back?

It is predicted that the original cast members Kyle, Lindsay, and Carl will each make a return appearance. In addition to Ciara and Maya, other returning cast members include latecomers Amanda and Danielle, who joined the program in season 2, as well as Paige, who arrived in season 3. Paige is the newest member of the cast.

Who’s Going on a Date?

At the time that the sixth season came to a close, Lindsay was approaching the end of her hot summer with Hubb but she had not yet found a boyfriend. But now things are different, and she has a romantic relationship with her roommate Carl.

The two of them live together in the flat that they all share in New York City. When viewers of Summer House last checked in on the characters, Paige and Craig’s relationship was more on the friendly side, but since then, the two of them have taken their friendship to a more romantic level.

Because Kyle and Amanda tied the knot at the tail end of the previous season, viewers will get a sneak peek into their new life together as a married couple in this season.

Will Craig Conover Come Back?

“Probably. “I shouldn’t, but probably yes,” the founder of Sewing Down South told Us in June 2022 when we asked him about coming back to the show. “I don’t think I should do surveillance shows anymore, but the new Winter House was a little better.”

“Paige and I are dating, which is an important part of her life. So, yeah, if you see Paige, you’ll see me around. We spend a fair amount of time together.” Craig Added.

Summer House Season 7 Release Date

Although Summer House is expected to return sometime after the launch of Winter House season 2 in October 2022, Bravo has not yet released an official release date for the show.


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