The Woman King, an amazing film starring Viola Davis

A few words on the true history of Dahomey

In the past, Dahomey was one of the most powerful kingdoms in West Africa. The kingdom was ruled by a strong king who had an army of professional soldiers at his disposal. These soldiers were known as the ‘Amazons’, and they were all women.

The Amazons were incredibly skilled in combat and were feared by all who faced them in battle. They were so successful that, at one point, Dahomey was the only West African kingdom not to be conquered by the Europeans.

The Amazons continued to fight for Dahomey even after the kingdom fell to the French colonialists in 1894. They formed part of the resistance movement against the colonialists and were only defeated after a long and bloody battle.

Although they are no longer a force to be reckoned with, the memory of the Dahomey Amazons lives on in West African folklore. They are still remembered as brave women who fought for their kingdom with skill and courage.

What is the name now of the kingdom of dahomey ?

The kingdom of Dahomey is now known as the Republic of Benin.

The Woman King a movie that honors black women

A film that honors black women

After the release of The Woman King, Black Panther will no longer be the only blockbuster almost exclusively carried by black actors.

And this deserves to be highlighted! This is something that has never been done before and, just like the epic of the Amazons of Dahomey, this film will inevitably make history. More than an action film, it is a true feminist, anti-racist and anti-colonialist militant gesture. For, let’s remember, these Amazons stood up to the French military and colonists for several years.

The minos, Amazons of Dahomey in The Woman King: sacred women

Like the Amazons, they were trained from childhood in the handling of weapons. They also underwent training to make them more resistant to pain and excelled in hand-to-hand combat. Fearsome warriors, some of them decapitated their enemies to brandish their heads.

When will The Woman King be released in theaters?

The film will be released on September 16, 2022.

What is the distribution of The Woman King?

The casting is breathtaking. In addition to the director Gina Prince-Bythewood, we find Viola Davis as the human and fragile warrior queen, Lashana Lynch, John Boyega, Thuso Mbedu and the beautiful Hero Fiennes Tiffin!

Viola Davis the woman king of Dahomey

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