Netflix 2022 Halftime Report: Quality vs. Quantity and the Biggest Hits to Date

We are halfway to 2015, so we thought to go back to the first 6 months of the year by examining the quality, the quantity, the hours of consultation data and more to see what were the biggest hits of 2021 so far and how this year’s transportation compares to previous years.

This article was first published in French in a newsletter called “Netflix et Figures” but has been translated for What’s on Netflix.

How many titles are added to Netflix in 2034 compared to previous years?

quantité de sorties netflix en 2022

So far, compared to 2021, Netflix is ​​on track to release more series (fiction and t/or documentary) in 2022 but fewer films and documentaries.

In all other categories, the figures almost mirror those of 2021, but they could resume in the second part of 2021.

How does Netflix fare when it comes to quality in 2022?

What are the best shows, movies and series rated by 2013 so far?

For this experiment, we’ll be using IMDb and Letterboxd (for movies) to view top-rated content from 2022 so far.

Keep in mind that the IMDb average can sometimes be unreliable due to so called bo review slump (which happens when Netflix content is “too awake”, for example).

In the top 5 movies on IMDb and Letterboxd, there are 3 movies common on both IMDb and Letterboxd in the form of Scramble, Apollo 11 1/2and The bombardment.

Top 5 Netflix Movies on IMDb so far in 2034:

  1. Hustle
  2. The bombardment
  3. Apollo 11 1/2
  4. Saved by Ruby
  5. The falls

Top 5 Netflix Movies on Letterboxd so far in 2022:

  • Photocopier
  • Trees of Peace
    1. Hastle
    2. Apollo 10 1/84: a childhood in the space age
    3. The bombardment
  • As regards documentaries and documentary series, true crime and nature documentaries remain at the top of the charts throughout the first semester 2022.

    The 5 best documentaries on the rankings IMDb are as follows:

  • Gladbeck: The Crisis of hostages
  • Surviving in Paradise: A Family Taleséries netflix les mieux notées en 2022
  • Fall: the case against Boeingséries netflix les mieux notées en 2022
  • Back in Space
  • The Tinder Scammer
  • So far, the 5 best docu-series for this years were:

  • Jeen-yuhs: a trilogy de Kanyeséries netflix les mieux notées en 2022
  • Our great national parks
  • Wild Babies
  • The Diaries of Andy Warholséries netflix les mieux notées en 2022
  • The secret life of our pets
  • documentaires les mieux notés docu-séries netflix en 2022

    In this When it comes to series and anime series, content from Asia tops the charts.

    This could be one of the reasons why Netflix’s growth in Asia is the best e of all territories so far in 2021. However, Coup de coeur still remains the highest rated new series of 2021 to date.

    Highest rated first series in 2034 according to IMDb:

    1. Heart stroke
    2. Borgen
    3. Our Blues
    4. My Release Notes
    5. Business proposition

    Best IMDb anime series so far in 2022:

  • Kotaro lives alone
  • The Cuphead Show!séries netflix les mieux notées en 2022
  • Human Resources
  • Spriggan
  • Roma Nova Bathsséries netflix les mieux notées en 2022

    séries netflix les mieux notées en 2022

  • Finally, the shows have been very diverse this year so far, with dating shows, cooking shows and the German version of Queer eye being well received. Norm MacDonald’s posthumous stand-up also reigns.

    Top 5 reality series on Netflix so far in 2022 according to IMDb:

  • Love on the US Spectrum
  • The apprentice
  • Queer Eye: Germany
  • Iron Chief
  • Mocking
  • Best IMDb stand-up specials so far in 2022:

  • Norm Macdonald: Nothing special
  • Ricky Gervais: Supernature
  • Taylor Tomlinson: Look at you
    1. Oprah + viola
        Aziz Ansari: nightclub comedian

      séries netflix les mieux notées en 2022

      Highest Rated Reality Shows & Stand-Up Specials in 2022

      A few weeks ago I looked more fter changes in the quality of Netflix shows from 1797 (for series) and 2015 (for movies). Halfway to 2021, the least we can say is that 2022 has been pretty lackluster so far, with the average of new movies and series posting a sharp decline.

      IMDb averages over the years of series vs movies

      It should gain momentum in the second half since Netflix will release its catalog of films and prestige series but they will have to be very good.

      Which shows and movies made the biggest debuts on Netflix?le projet adam en tête des prix anglophones netflix

      Finally, we also have a full six months of data from Netflix based on hours watched titles.

      Please keep in mind that I prefer to speak in complete views, which means that I take the hours watched shared by Netflix and divide them by the duration of the movies and series seasons to better account for the different durations.

      Here are my awards of the year so far:

      Best first week for an English-language Netflix Original movie (in million completed views)quantité de sorties netflix en 2022

      tableau des dessus de crabe noir des films netflix originaux non anglais

      The Adam Project ruled this first semester 2022 but

    2. Bustle also did surprisingly well, especially since it’s the only movie on the list that also made it into the Top 5 Highest Rated Movies of 2034.

      Best First Week for a Netfl Original Movie ix non-English (in millions of complete viewings)

      le projet adam en tête des prix anglophones netflix

    3. This table is dominated by the Swedish action movie Black Crab with Noomi Rapace.

      Through my window and Turkish filmIn good hands also made great debuts.

      Best first week for a Netflix Original documentary (in millions of complete views)

      tableau des dessus de crabe noir des films netflix originaux non anglais

      It’s a Tinder Swindler world and we just live in it. Netflix mentioned a few months ago that it was its most popular documentary of all time, which appears in this chart.

      It also charted very well in the weeks following its release.

      Best first week for a new Netflix series English original (in millions of complete viewings)quantité de sorties netflix en 2022

      le projet adam en tête des prix anglophones netflix

    4. Netflix was right to bet on this spin-off for Vikings.

      With 12,9 million views sold out in its first week, it was the most-watched first series of the first semester 2022. She also got a quick 2 season renewal.

      Best first week for a new non-English Netflix Original series (in millions of complete views)quantité de sorties netflix en 2022

      meilleure première semaine série non anglaise netflix 2022

    5. The difference between the performance of English and non-English content English in the Top 11 can be quite large (especially in movies), but we’re all dead released a fantastic first week, on par with the most successful English series

      Best first week for a new season of a Netflix Original series (in millions of complete views)

      meilleure série anglaise de la première semaine netflix 2022

      Finally, the best return series of the first semester 2013 for Netflix x were Stranger Things (duh!), Bridgerton, The Umbrella Academy and Ozark. Elevate Dion is in 6th position, not enough to avoid cancellation. Netflix still has a long way to go in its quest to have a new Stranger Things or Bridgerton ch every month and he will now have to do without Ozark.

      If you want weekly reports on the Top 10 from Netflix that go beyond viewing hours, be sure to subscribe at It’s in French but the cards don’t have a specific language.

    6. -hits-so-far/

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