Toulouse residents question mosquito infestation in stationary fountains

“There is a mosquito prevention sign 50 meters from a stationary fountain, the water is green and stagnant, it’s a mosquito nest,” laments a resident of the Jardin des Plantes district in Toulouse. The latter challenged the municipality on social networks. Both he and his neighbors complain about the overpopulation of mosquitoes in their neighborhood.

The interested party remains convinced that this stagnant, unsavory water facilitates the proliferation of mosquitoes. Françoise Ampoulange, elected to the town hall of Toulouse, in charge of the question of the animal in the city ensures that no report has been made to the town hall on this question of fountains stopped in this district. It therefore encourages all local residents noticing a problem to report it to Allô Toulouse.

“With each report on this subject, a team intervenes on the spot quickly in order to treat the zone with biological products”, indicates the elected official. In 2022, it specifies that 71 reports of this type were made by residents compared to 127 in 2021 and 160 in 2020.

For Françoise Ampoulange, the famous prevention signs are doing their job. “Stop mosquitoes, let’s empty our cups”, is thus indicated on large panels meshing the city of Toulouse. “The situation is improving, the inhabitants are becoming aware of the importance of all working in the same direction in order to limit the nuisance of mosquitoes in the city”, specifies Françoise Ampoulange. 

The elected official confides that since the unprecedented and extreme situation that occurred in Grau-du-Roi where tourists were devoured by mosquitoes night and day, many Toulouse residents ask her to remove mosquitoes. “This type of operation is not our responsibility, it is the Regional Health Agency that decides on this. At the town hall, we opt for prevention and the empowerment of everyone, ”she concludes. As for the fountain,

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