Does your hair get tangled? Don't make these mistakes again! 7 tips to keep them healthy and beautiful

Women with long hair are especially familiar with the problem of hair knots. How to solve this problem?

This happens, for example, if the weather is windy or if your crown of beauty comes into contact with some kind of fabric. Then comes the painful detangling and you often have to cut this piece off. However, try these tips that can help you with these complications.

1) Proper combing

For combing, use either a brush with natural bristles or a thin plastic comb with large teeth. You must always comb your hair well before washing it. Thanks to this, you will get rid of all tangled places and prevent knots after shampooing.

After washing your head, do not comb your hair while it is wet. That way you will damage them the most and support the formation of knots. Gently squeeze the water out of them with a towel, let them dry freely, and only then use a comb or brush.

2) Apply shampoo and conditioner from roots to ends

Choosing cosmetics is very important. Try to use natural shampoos that are gentler on your hair. When you are already in the shower, be sure to apply them correctly. A lot of women make the mistake of putting shampoo on their head, then they start massaging it into their hair with their fingers, rubbing it together in various ways.

But in this way you will completely tangle them and encourage the formation of knots. Therefore, always start at the roots, work towards the ends, but only rub them gently over the entire surface. Rinse the shampoo with your head tilted back and not forward. Then apply the conditioner, which you just gently rub into the surface.

3) Avoid drying the hair

When knotted hair is the biggest problem when it is dry at the same time. That’s why you have to make sure you feed them well. First of all, give up blow-drying for a while. It does not benefit you even if you use cold air. Then look for a high-quality balm to combine with the use of conditioner. Make a homemade mask at least once a week. Use, for example, egg, yogurt, ripe avocado and also honey.

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4) Use a satin pillow

Sleep is also a big problem. You need to use the right sheets that treat your hair more gently. The most suitable is satin. Your crown of beauty will slide freely on it and will not get tangled. This way you will also prevent them from becoming electrified. If that doesn’t help, braid your hair at night. Thanks to this, the hair will be tightly tied and it will not happen to make knots.

5) Keep your ends healthy

The ends also play an important role in the problem of hair tangling. If you don’t cut them regularly, comb them and apply a mask to them, they will get damaged quickly. Therefore, do not forget to treat them regularly and get rid of other worries.

6) Braid, scarf or braid

Notice which activities result in the most knots in your hair. These are often such common activities as housework, exercise or tending to the garden. Always make a braid, a braid, or a scarf is also an excellent tool. Thanks to them, you fix your hair so that it cannot get knotted.

7) Focus on your bad habits

You can also unconsciously cause hair knots. Realize what bad habits you have. If you like to play with strands and wrap them around your fingers, or if you ever unknowingly put your hand directly into your hairstyle, such movements can help the formation of unpleasant knots.

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