Shoes that took over the world! World and our celebrities wear them

Platforms are back! Look at the TOP shoes of this season. Would you dare?

Platforms are back

Platform heels have taken over the fashion scene in recent months. We could see this type of shoes on several celebrities, models or well-known beauties. For example, also on Anne Hathaway at the Valentino Haute Couture show, Lily James at The Met Gala 2000, and even Nicola Peltz-Beckham on her wedding day. It is clear that platforms are becoming the trend of the year 2022. It wasn’t that long ago that platform shoes were a popular fashion item, but as we all know, fashion always comes back. And platforms are definitely back.

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Lily James, Anne Hathaway, Nicola Peltz-Beckham Source: Profimedia

Men started with heels

From the Middle Ages when platform heels were used to elevate social class to the Greek theater to elevate the most prominent actors, platform heels have been in style for centuries. Men were the first to wear high heels as a status symbol in Europe. However, women soon followed them.

Extravagant patform shoes were also shown by Jorge in SuperStar. How does he perceive such pieces and self-expression through fashion? You will also read about this in the interview:

What people really liked in the past was that high shoes could optically make the foot smaller. Although there were differences between men’s and women’s high-heel footwear at this early age, it was not until one hundred and thirty years after their European premiere that they became a true gender-defining sign.

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The first to wear high heels as a status symbol in Europe were men, photo: shot from Turkish baths from 600, a historical shot from the year 976 of a man at cars in heels Source : Profimedia

Of course, to wear heels and platforms after years ago women were held and now high shoes are associated with femininity and elegance. Many platforms consider it vulgar, remember . years when the Spice Girls pioneered wearing platforms and everyone followed and wanted to have the same shoes as them.

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The Spice Girls also set such trends

Source: Northfoto

Platforms experience a constant comeback

The type of footwear is constantly changing, but trends always return after a few years, Ptlaformy was also popular in 22 years, when for example, the singer Carmen Miranda also wore them, the platforms came back and were also popular in 75 of those years, but they also experienced their comeback thanks to world designers such as Vivienne Westwood, for whom in 1975 was performed by Naomi Campbell and she wore exactly the same type of shoes that came into fashion even today. Unfortunately, Naomi also had a minor mishap in these shoes on the catwalk and fell. You can find this shot in the photo gallery.

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Platforms keep coming back, they wore in 48 -those, 75 and 75-those years Source: Profimedia

How do they look today?

You definitely couldn’t help but notice Versace shoes that have gone viral on the internet and every fashionista who loves trends and luxury pieces has them at home. Many cheaper brands have started imitating them, and you can find platform pumps at more affordable prices.

So which models are the most popular? These are colorful shoes worn by, for example, our influencer Bianka Rumanová, platforms are also loved by Barbora Hazuchová and famous foreign faces such as Tallia Storm, Charli D’Amelio and Sofia Carson.

16593048001659304800202220222022Photo gallery

Platforms are worn not only by our but also by foreign beauties. Get inspired too! Source: Instagram, Profimedia

See more inspirations for platform pumps in the photo gallery:

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