Laeticia Hallyday goes to vacation in Greece with one of her daughters

This Saturday July 16, Laeticia Hallyday shared a post on her Instagram account. The pretty blonde is on vacation in Greece with her daughter, and seems to be having a good time. The proof in pictures.

Greek happiness. This is the one that Laeticia Hallyday currently knows on vacation with her youngest daughter, Joy . She did not hesitate to share it with her subscribers on her Instagram account.

After spending a few days in Marseillan in Hérault, the city in which she grew up, the widow of the most famous French rocker stopped over in Mykonos with her daughter, Joy. While enjoying the Greek paradise, she wanted to share her happiness with her community by posting several photos of her stay.

After she confessed to having been completely seduced by this island, Laeticia shared various photos. Between typical landscapes or even a mother-daughter selfie with Joy , Jalil Lespert’s companion revealed behind the scenes of her trip to her fans.

In each of the photos where she appears, we see her radiant, fulfilled and more trendy than ever with chic and trendy summer dresses. An accessory surprises us in each of the photos: her incessant smile. Between two white houses and a turquoise sea, Laeticia Hallyday does not seem in a hurry to return to Los Angeles.

The mother of Jade and Joy can nevertheless still take advantage of the time she has left in Greece to tan, have fun, and discover Mykonos with her latest. We would almost be jealous of her.

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