Influencer : our top 30 of waterfall selfies, find your source of inspiration

Selfies have become a popular way to show off your surroundings, especially if you’re in a beautiful or unique location. Waterfalls are one of the most popular places to take selfies, as they offer a stunning backdrop that can really make your photo pop. If you’re planning on taking a waterfall selfie, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, make sure you’re aware of your surroundings and be careful not to get too close to the edge of the waterfall. It’s also important to choose a spot with good lighting, as this will help make your selfie look its best. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, take a few practice shots before taking your final selfie. And don’t forget to have fun!

#1 Let’s begin with acrobatic waterfall selfies

Yoga enthusiasts will find this one rather interesting, it’s from @ssafyoga on instagram :

#2 still acrobatic : guys in tree waterfall selfie

Finding a place like this is quite a challenge but it can give a great acrobatic selfie from @tiktoknavydoc

#3 last acrobatic one

We stop with the acrobatic selfies because we could spend days compiling them, this one is from @taerky

#4 Dude selfie

We nicknamed this one the i’m a dude selfie, it’s from @jotaraujo. If you are muscular and handsome you can do it. If you’re like me, forget it right away

#5 Unreal

Sometimes we wonder if these pictures are real, no selfie for this one but the place is so unreal that we thought we had to put it. If you have the location, please send it to me, it’s from @its_naturelover0033

#6 Bollywood waterfall selfie

This one is from @kapil_100lanki and makes me think of a bollywood singer

#7 Simple and natural waterfall selfie

You can also opt for a simple and natural selfie like this one from @ireneblanchette

#8 Wet and Joyful

Or for a happy, drenched selfie like this one from @dhana_shree11

#9 The perfectly taken

Or, like @phibbs74, you can control the angle, position and proportions

#10 Tattoo waterfall selfie

Otherwise there is the OMG i love your tattoo by @axy_slixy

#11 Wanderlust waterfall selfie

There is of course the classic wanderlust selfie, hat on the head, back view, classic but effective from @litchfieldnationalpark

#12 Crab selfie in front of waterfall

Or the very original crab selfie in front of the waterfall by @nat_fly.private

#13 litchfieldnationalpark

Always the litchfieldnationalpark so much that we had to exclude it from the selection, too many waterfalls, too many beautiful photos, especially this one with its natural swimming pools dug in the rock

#14 Deceptive

In the cheaters category there are disappointing shots for this waterfall shot that is not a waterfall, it’s a wet t shirt from, nothing more

#15 Doggie waterfall

What more to say, dogs are cute from @peakyfookingirls

#16 Lil girl waterfall picture

Children are the future of humanity. Let’s pay tribute to this beautiful little girl from @garvit__rathore

#17 the waterfall group selfie

This group selfie is a good one by @holky_v_obytnaku (they are charming by the way)

#18 the waterfall combo selfie

A stunning one which we called the best waterfall / northern lights combo by @earthupclose, a marvelous one (i dream to see those northernlights once in my lifetime). Not easy to reproduce…

#19 The fake one

Not really a waterfall, more a “water fall from the bootle” selfie, but, hey, we selected this one from @rishi.patil.1435

#20 loveursmile

If you have the same beautiful smile as @explore.bulgarian.nature, then don’t wait and take a i love your smile waterfall selfie !

#21 original water fall into the bottle

Still from @explore.bulgarian.nature, for those who loves special effects, you can inspire from this original selfie “waterfall into the bottle”

#22 Faith

If you have faith, you can express it in this Thank God waterfall selfie from @sandeep_____s.a.n.d.y_____

#23 the failed one

Please, don’t take a “move your ass we don’t see the waterfall” picture. Credits from @sonnygr82

#24 Drone

Last one from @litchfieldnationalpark, an amazing one taken by drone

#25 Viking style selfie

If you have all the equipment, you can try this viking waterfall selfie like @youngragnar__

#26 romantic

You’re looking for something romantic ? An unforgettable memory of your love and your couple? Try this romantic waterfall couple selfie from @ceylon_adventures_

#27 Fairy tale waterfall

Halfway between the romantic and the magical is this fairy tale waterfall selfie from @lily_stoneheart (aka Roelandt Alyssia, a french artist i love, her universe makes me crazy 😍 !!!! )

#28 in frame

The classic inframe selfie used for a waterfall couple selfie by @theuhilacollective

#29 cool and original

This one by @shredder__j could be my favorite

#30 chill and enjoy with friends selfie

And we finish by a chill and enjoy comfortably with your friends at waterfall spot by @ridgefloria

Please, be careful all, Sofia Cheung, world-famous influencer died in a waterfall selfie

However, there is also a darker side to taking waterfall selfies, as evidenced by the tragic story of Sofia Cheung.

Cheung was an aspiring social media influencer who had built up a sizeable following on her various platforms. In early 2020, she decided to take a trip to Ha Pak Lai, near Pineapple Mountain. While there, she took several pictures and videos of herself at the waterfall, including some selfies.

Unfortunately, Cheung slipped and fell into the precipice while taking a selfie near the edge of the waterfall. his tragic incident highlights the dangers of taking selfies at waterfalls (or any other potentially dangerous location).

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