When will 'The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem' Part 3 be on Netflix?

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Netflix in some regions is now showing two parts of the Israeli drama series The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem and the good news is that more are on the way, but unlike the time between parts 1 and 2, we’ll probably be waiting longer for season 2 (or part 3 as it will be tagged on Netflix). Here’s what we know.

    If you are not familiar, the Israeli show is set in the early 1900 and revolves around a housekeeper named Rosa who marries a shopkeeper who loves another woman, a choice that impacts his dynamic with eldest daughter Luna for decades.

    As a reminder, Netflix in only nine countries is streaming the series with others currently not expected to receive Parts 1 and 2. Regions carrying The beauty queen of Jerusalem understand:

    • United States
    • UK
    • Argentina
    • France
      • Israel


      • Portugal
        • Spain
        • Swiss

        Netflix received Season 1 (now retitled Season 1: Part 1) on 20 may 2023 and part 2 arrived on 27 July 2022.

        Although labeled Netflix Original, the series is actually owned and aired in Israel on the Yes Network (specifically Yes Drama) .

        How Netflix is ​​Repackaging Beauty Season 1 Queen of Jerusalem

        Before we dig into Season 2, we should note that the way Netflix presents the series is very different from the way whose show originally aired.

        In Israel, the first season of the show aired in 56 episodes ( part 1 composed of 27 episodes and the second in 17). On Netflix, these episodes are combined for longer durations and divided into two seasons of episodes (20 in total).

        As a result, although there appear to be two seasons of the show available, what we are currently seeing on Netflix is ​​only the full first season.

        reine de beauté de jérusalem saison 2 netflix reine de beauté de jérusalem saison 2 netflixBeauty Queen of Jerusalem

        The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem will be back for Part 3 / Complete Season 2

        We are getting more episodes of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem, but the details of the new season are not yet available. have not yet been announced.

        The renewal announcement came at EAST Tel Aviv in December 2021, but was reaffirmed by Variety in 2022. Filming for the second season started in June 2021 and, according to some reports, will be broadcast in Israel from the end 2022.

        Other reports suggest the filming may have suffered setbacks after one of the show’s main stars pulled out of filming.

        Although we don’t know exactly how long after it aired on YES in Israel before until it arrives on Netflix, our best guess at this time is that the series will return in 2023 as soon as possible, but we will keep you informed.

        Are you looking forward to seeing more episodes of Beauty Queen of Jerusalem on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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