Why Welcome to Wrexham with Ryan Reynolds is a must-see documentary

We know Ryan Reynolds for his roles in many action movies, for his talents as an actor who is half comedian and half handsome and who makes all women fall in love. We also know him for being the companion of the beautiful Blake Lively. We discover him here as an investor in a soccer club, and it is just beautiful.

Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds are a great pair

The duo works and it works well. Both men are charismatic and they will bring a lot to this documentary. They have no experience in investing or managing a soccer club and yet they are going to buy a small English club, Wrexham Association Football Club. It’s a fast track from Hollywood to Wales for these two men who are trying to create a history with this small club. The club is at the bottom of the championship, in the National League which is the fifth and lowest league of the English championship. For the small clubs, to survive is a real challenge. Indeed, they have little budget and therefore little chance to attract new recruits of choice, making it even more difficult for them to move up to the higher leagues. The 2 stars are there to try to make the club break through, to keep the fans loyal and to make the team go up.

But the real stars are the people

Because that’s what makes the charm of this docuseries: the people of Wrexham. For a small town like this, soccer means everything. To lose this club is to lose the whole identity of the town and by understanding this, the documentary takes all its sense. Players, supporters, the interviews are poignant and the sacrifices made impose respect. And love. The love of a soccer that is becoming more and more popular in the United States and that is contagious. A love that crosses borders and oceans.
The love of the game.
Love for the people.
That’s why Welcome to Wrexham is a must-see series.

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