Taylor Momsen: her band The Pretty Reckless and her acoustic album Other Worlds

Taylor Momsen has known an international success for her participation in the series Gossip Girl in 2007. Since then she has been leading one of the hottest rock bands of the moment and they are releasing a new album in November.

Taylor Momsen: from actress to rocker

She was the young and beautiful Jennie Humphrey of the series Gossip Girl. But the life of the little girl was not always easy despite what you might think. Indeed, the one who is now 29 years old was enrolled in a modeling agency at the age of 2 years and made her sign her first contract with Ford at the same time. As she tells it herself, nobody wants to work at 2 years old, and yet she had no choice. Her entire childhood was shaped by her acting career and her schooling was impacted in the same way. One minute she was in school and the next she was out. She explains that she worked all the time and had no friends.

After a collaboration with James Horner in a recording studio, the child star had a click and chose music as her final goal. It is only years later that she will decide to stop in full success the series Gossip Girl to the great dismay of the fans and the writers. She will then create the band The Pretty Reckless and will never regret this choice.

The success of The Pretty Reckless

In 2011, the group makes the first tour of Evanescence. At the end of 2011, the band opens for Guns N’ Roses and Marylin Manson in 2012. This is to say the level of the group after a few years. The music of The Pretty Reckless is even included in world-famous series like Vampire Diaries or Supernatural.

Since then, Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless have released 4 albums and toured the world. The band has achieved charts like #1 on the Billboard Rock Radio Chart and collaborates with musicians from bands like Soundgarden (Matt Cameron, Kim Thayil) or Rage Against The Machine (Tom Morello).

The new album Other Worlds

After getting feedback from fans on acoustic versions of some songs, the band decides to record new versions. In Ben Phillips’ opinion, this allows to hear a new facet of Taylor Momsen’s voice. This album should be another hit with reimagined and re-recorded songs that explore new worlds or give a new vision of rock.

Tracklist of Other Worlds

  1. Got So High (Remix)
  2. Loud Love
  3. The Keeper (Feat. Alain Johannes)
  4. Quicksand (Feat. Mike Garson)
  5. 25 (Acoustic)
  6. Only Love Can Save Me Now (Acoustic)
  7. Death By Rock and Roll (Acoustic)
  8. Halfway There (Feat. Matt Cameron)
  9. (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
  10. Harley Darling (Acoustic)
  11. Got So High (Album Version)

An album whose release is to be followed very closely…

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