Sex Education 4 : a very short trailer and a release date ?

If, like many people, you loved the Sex Education series, then we think you’ll be jumping for joy as some new information has leaked out. Whether it’s about the new characters or about the old ones who won’t be coming back, or even about the hypothetical release date, we give you the lowdown in this article!

Sex Education 4 : some movement in the cast

And yes, if the essential stars such as Otis, the rebellious Maeve, the popular Ruby or others remain in the series, some departures have something to shock.

Indeed, the first 2 shocking departures are the couple Ola / Lily who will not return in this season. However, Ola is Otis’ half-sister by marriage and there will be a lot to live for since Jean, her mother has a child with Ola’s father.

However, the two girls will not be returning. Another loss is the beautiful Olivia played by Simone Ashley. She had a great success in the Bridgerton Chronicles series and chose to leave Sex Education 4. Too bad, we lose the beautiful Indian of Ruby’s gang.

The teacher Emily Sands brought to the screen by Rakhee Thakkar will also leave the series in this 4th season.

On the other hand, tadaaa, an arrival of weight comes to counterbalance that: the producer/author/actor Dan Levy comes to make his appearance and not any. He will be Thomos Molloy, a professor at the Ivy League College in the United States, tutor of the beautiful Maeve.

The new trailer of the season 4 of Sex Education:

We put it here, there is not much but we already see Dan Levy at work and it makes our mouths water!

A new environment for Ottis and his friends

Yes, it’s the end of Moordale Secondary School and all the students will join a new school, more progressive: the Cavendish Sixth Form College. We learn that Yoga is practiced on the lawn and that Otis will have a competitor for sexual therapies. The trailer gives a glimpse of the couple Otis / Ruby, will they get back together? Will Professor Thomos Molloy compete with the love between Otis and Maeve?
Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the release date of Sex Education 4 to find out.


When will Sex Education 4 be released?

At this time no one knows. This first trailer and these images suggest that the shooting has begun. But it has been delayed as evidenced by publications from Netflix. And if it was first scheduled for September 2022, some media suggest that the shooting should end in March 2023. This suggests a release around May 2023 … God that’s long! Let’s hope it goes faster!

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