Paul Pogba affair ? New statements from his brother

It is a story that shakes the French and Italian soccer. The world champion player is at the heart of an extortion case. We tell you a little more in this article.

Paul Pogba ransomed by “friends”

It’s like that in France. When you come from a somewhat disadvantaged background and you earn millions, there is a good chance that some people are after your money.

We had the example of Karim Benzema in the Valbuena case. Now we have the Pogba case. Paul Pogba has a contract of 4 million euros per year with the equipment manufacturer Adidas and receives a salary of almost 10 million euros at Juventus of Turin, which he joined after leaving Manchester United. This made him the richest 30-year-old player in England with an estimated wealth of 90 million euros according to the Sunday Times.

It is not a surprise that he is now involved as a victim in a ransom case. This goes back to last March. During the friendly matches of France against the Ivory Coast and South Africa, Paul Pogba went to see his family in Lagny-sur-Marne. Friends would have taken him to an apartment in Paris where two hooded men armed with assault rifles would have threatened him, demanding 13 million euros. Indeed, they believe that they have protected him for 13 years and are asking him for “compensation”.

He was then intimidated several times in Manchester and then in Turin and would have decided, with the agreement of the club, to file a complaint and ask for help to the Italian and French justice. Paul Pogba, rather generous, has never hesitated to help his friends, trusting them completely, until last January when, hosting one of his friends he had to evict him because he realized that the latter had stolen 200,000 euros using his credit card.

This incident must have triggered the anger of the vultures who seized the first opportunity to threaten him.

Revelations to follow according to Mathias Pogba, his brother, and a French influencer

A priori, Paul Pogba would have recognized his brother among the hooded men who threatened him in Turin, which led him to file a complaint. Mathias Pogba, however, denies it and shouts to anyone who wants to hear that this case is made up of any piece to sully his name.

He threatens to make revelations such as the fact that Paul Pogba has asked a marabout to cast a spell on Kylian M’bappé, young prodigy of French soccer and teammate of Paul. A USB key would be at the center of the revelations and would contain written evidence of this request concerning Kylian M’bappé.

Following the revelations of Mathias about Paul Pogba, an influencer, Marc Blata, entered the dance stating that the story of the marabout is very very hot. While taking a pinch because not wishing to pronounce without evidence. It may well be that all this is true and that the “friends” of Paul Pogba have used this to blackmail him and get money.

Not sure that this strategy works now that the justice is there and may consider that this USB key is a proof. Even the journalists might not want to touch it. Unless the blackmailers send it to an Anglo-Saxon newspaper, in which case we might have new shocking revelations.

To be continued…

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