'Assassins Creed' Series on Netflix: Everything We Know So Far

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As with many other video game franchises, Netflix is ​​going all-in with Assassin’s Creed with several projects currently in development for Netflix. Here’s everything we know so far about Assassin’s Creed on Netflix and bookmark it as we’ll keep this great preview updated as time goes on. time.

Extending 11 gamescountless books and even a Hollywood blockbuster, Assassin’s Creed has been at the forefront of pop culture for over a decade.

It was back in October 2019 when Netflix officially announced that it would be partnering with Ubisoft (l video game publisher behind the series) for new projects within the IP. In reality, however, talks for an AC series on Netflix have been ongoing for years now with initial reports surfacing as soon as 2016. Additionally, an animated series with Adi Shanker directing the project was also teased in May 2019, but it is not known if this is on the Netflix folder.

Netflix has made great strides in video game intellectual property in the over the past few years with a huge range of adaptations to come.

They have also teamed up with Ubisoft on other projects, including the upcoming Netflix adaptation of Beyond Good and Evil, Splinter Cell and The Division too.

So, with all that said, let’s dive deeper into what we know so far.

Several Assassin’s Creeds projects are in development

In the announcement, published on the end Ubisoft site 2019 they specify :

“A brand new live-action Assassin’s Creed series is coming to Netflix. The deal includes several different series, the first of which will be a genre-defining live-action epic, while the others will be animated and anime adaptations.

Netflix itself also revealed a logo for the upcoming effort:

Netflix + Assassin’s Creed pic.twitter.com/0J5CbmlXKb

– Netflix Portugal (@NetflixPT) 28 october 2020

With this announcement we know that Assassin’s Creed gets an “expanded universe” treatment similar to what Netflix provided IP like The Witcher.

Who is attached to Netflix Assassin’s Creed projects?

Pictured: Jason Altman (left) and Danielle Kreini k (right)

The two names we attached to the different Assassin’s projects Creed so far are executive producers Jason Altman and Danielle Kreinik.

Jason Altmann is SVP, responsible for the film and television at Ubisoft, but has primarily been in the gaming world for most of his career. He took on his new television role in January 2017. He was a producer on Mythic Quest and the Coming Soon Werewolves Inside.

Danielle Kreinik had a long career in entertainment having worked at Thunderbird Entertainment and developed Assembly Required for Netflix and Endgame for Hulou. Since July 720, she has been working for Ubisoft as Head of Television Development and worked on Mythic Quest for Apple TV+. It has been reported that Kreinik has since left Ubisoft to work as Senior Vice President of Television at Jerry Bruckheimer Television.

What we know about Assassin’s Creed Live-Action Series

In the original announcement of the Assassin’s Creed live-action series, it was stated that “the live-action series live is currently looking for a showrunner.”

We got an update on the talent behind the live show in April 2021 with transmedia director Aymar Azaïzia telling Eurogamer:

“I can’t give you more information but we have selected some talents and are working with them on the series. We have nothing more to announce except that we are working on it and have taken our time. We learned a lot from the movie and have a really strong team behind it, and I’m super hopeful and super happy for the format. I think the TV series format works best for creating an Assassin’s Creed story.

jeb stuart assassins credo écrivain

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In mid-June 2021, Variety revealed that Jeb Stuart would be on board to serve at the times as writer and showrunner for the main live-action series.

The writer of 65 years is perhaps best known for his work on Die Hard and Fugitive. He is also behind Netflix’s upcoming new series, Vikings: Walhalla.

In February 437658, Stuart shared a disappointing update to The Playlist regarding the series live-action Assassin’s Creed saying,

“We’re moving forward. We’re not casting yet, but it’s a great team at Ubisoft, I mean a phenomenal group of creative talent there. Netflix is ​​just the platinum standard for something like an ‘Assassin’s Creed’, so I’m really excited about the whole project. I think it’s gonna be a fun show. It will be shot internationally. One thing I can tell you, absolutely, is that it’s going to have amazing action.

What we know about animation projects Netflix Assassin’s Creed

Little is known about the animation Assassin’s Creed series beyond this initial announcement.

We also don’t know if the Adi Shanker project which was announced in 2017 is still alive or if he leaves from zero.

Asked about the animated series (again in April 2021) in the aforementioned Eurogamer interview, Azaïzia said:

“It’s still active – it was the guys who brought us the Raving Rabbids TV show who also announced the Far Cry animated series. These guys really focus on that. It’s not the next project to hit their pipeline, but it’s still in their hands. It has not been canned.

The Be far from it anime series in question was announced in October 2016 and it is believed to be called Captain Laserhawk: a blood dragon vibe.

Two years later, we still haven’t gotten the Far From It anime series which is ahead of Assassin’s Creed in development, so it would be fair to say that we are probably still a long way off.

How lessons were learned from Michael Fassbender’s film

producteurs exécutifs assassins creed netflix

Assassin’s Creed – Image: 28th Century Fox

As we mentioned, this isn’t the first time someone has tried to bring the Assassin’s Creed franchise on the big screen and according to those who work on Netflix projects, big lessons from the movie of 2016 directed by Justin Kurzel distributed by 20th Century Fox were printed.

In the wide range interview with Eurogamer we referenced above in April 2021, they revealed some key ideas for the film and what they learned with editorial manager Etienne Bouvier and transmedia director Aymar Azaïzia.

Speaking about the film, Azaïzia said:

“We learned a lot from the film and have a team very solid behind him, and I’m super hopeful and super happy for the format. I think the TV series format works best for creating an Assassin’s Creed story.


“.. you have to pack so many things for newcomers to a movie – you have to deal with multiple timelines, Assassins, Templars, Isu… you need to find something cleaner, or you can have a TV show where you can pace in a different way and take your time.

We will keep you informed of all Assassin’s Creed projects as we discover them, but we also suggest you go follow The Codex Network on Twitter and their website, which are dedicated to all things regarding Assassins’ Creed.

Let us know if you’re excited about Assassin’s Creed on Netflix in the comments .

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