Pierre Niney makes a joke with Di Caprio, his tweet unleashes passions…

It was only two days ago and the intervention of the French actor Pierre Niney (the one who played Yves Saint Laurent on screen) on twitter earned him the wrath of the internet. Back on the controversy:

A look-alike of Leonardo di Caprio appears on his news feed, Pierre Niney tweets with humor

Because here is what happened this Tuesday, August 16, 2022. A very serious report shot by the French channel BFM TV shows a student. His name is Tom Veloso and he is registered at the University of Lorraine in Nancy. He is interviewed by the channel but Pierre Niney probably hides the subject because he is fascinated by his resemblance with the American actor Leonardo di Caprio.

Indeed, the student wears a goatee, glasses and, without being totally a look-alike, still resembles Leonardo di Caprio.

Delighted and hilarious, Pierre Niney immediately tweeted “When I tell you that it is the best actor of composition!”

But the problem is the subject of the interview, which makes many Internet users uncomfortable

And yes. Because the subject is the precariousness of students and Tom Veloso is interviewed to share his difficulties in living and feeding himself with minimal income while inflation is becoming rampant in France and all prices are increasing. The subject is not really funny, and Pierre Niney’s joke is not very funny.

He was immediately set on fire by many Internet users who told him that he should be ashamed of laughing about it.

France a country of wooden language

It is true that in France we can laugh about everything but not with anyone. If some Internet users are shocked by the violent attacks received by Pierre Niney, the subject divides. Yet Pierre Niney is a very respectful actor used to not taking himself seriously and laughing about a lot of things as you can see on these screenshots of his social networks.

So what’s really the problem? The problem is that in France, some subjects are taboo and society has a hard time accepting that we can laugh about them while defending values or sharing the same point of view. So much so that humorists don’t know where their limits are anymore and the government is transforming the language. We no longer say a “blind person” but a “visually impaired person”. We no longer say “disabled person” but “person with reduced mobility”…

Anyway, to close the controversy on twitter, Pierre Niney apologized and explained what happened that day. That’s where actors are now: apologizing for being humorous so that we don’t think they are heartless…

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